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Here's my setup:

I have a standard HD box without DVR in our bedroom. Model number PR150BNM. I use an HDMI cable to connect the box to my bedroom TV.

I put a TV in my garage and kitchen and used Component cables with a splitter to connect the garage and kitchen TVs to the standard box. I have done this before when we had super bowl viewing parties in which I ran components to several TVs in the same room using component splitters and never had an issue with the picture.

I have the component cables running from the cable box into the bedroom closet, up the wall, throught the ceiling and into the attic. In the attic, the cable is split using unpowered y-splitters, and then the cables are dropped back down through the ceiling above where the TV is in the kitchen and garage. The cables are run at least three feet from power lines and the connections are tight.

The signal was fine for a few weeks, but then a few horizontal lines began scrolling along the screen from the bottom up. Then, a few days ago, in addition to the scrolling horizontal lines, the entire image doubled so now there is a double image on the screen, which is offset to the right about 1/4".

If I swap out the cable box with other sources (XBOX, stand alone DVD player, etc) the image is fine on all TVs. If I plug the cable box into the bedroom TV with a three foot component cable the image is fine.

Any help?

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