Downgraded to Windows 98 SE

Yes, my Linux amazement died off when i found out that Facebook games such as Cafe World eat up tons of RAM and the only browser that works on Linux is mozilla-based versions such as Firefox and Iceweasel and i was finding every single one including Opera were eating 110MB of my 256MB of RAM to load the damn site!

so i tried using IE 6 (my personal favorite browser) in WINE to find i have absolutely zero Flash Player support and no way to add it in via Adobe's site. so i was worse off!

Then i found a Small Form Factor Compaq Deskpro EXS-series PIII for $20 at a thrift store (remember i don't buy new!!) and it was in the same configuration and i figured if it all else fails i can steal the RAM out of it to make my RAM-Hungry Firefox satiated and work! then i saw the tiny OEM sticker saying 'Windows 98 Second Edition' and found out it originally was pre-installed in my new machine. i was happy since i always loved Windows 98 SE and haven't had any sort of way to use it since my Dell CPi was sold. it never gave me any trouble and would literally zip right along on Flash on a PIII so i turned it on. disappointment! a very corrupted version of Windows 2000 Pro was installed and i only had access to the Guest account. which was fine since i was already online via Ethernet and Flash updated itself in the background. but then i found out it was one of them early Compaqs with the very buggy AC '97 Sound card inside which with the wrong driver happens to play everything 2x faster than it should. audio sounded like a 48-RPM vinyl record playing at 72-RPM!

i couldn't access the driver since i needed the admin password and didn't have it. all attempts to exploit it via logon as NT\AUTHORITY\SYSTEM by making the cmd.exe load in place of logon.scr failed since it already had SP4 which plugged those holes so i had to reformat. so i decided if i have to lose this OS what is the next best thing? AH! Windows 98 SE! so i did it! once again i am happy with my favorite OS.

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I have a dinosaur 450 mHz machine that always ran perfectly on 98+ and I intend to resurrect it as a "garage/games computer" that will never be online because as far as I know, no one in the antivirus world supports 98 these days. Ahhhh ... to be able to play Silent Hunter again.


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That's the problem with Win98. Virus scans no longer update on them, though you can do free scans; you just don't have a program. Plus, the browsers are old and more sites aren't supporting things like Firefox 2.0 anymore either. I love Win98 but any day now, I'm leaping up to Win7.