Downtime kills Wifi to Windows 10 devices completely. NEED HELP! - XFinity

We recently upgraded our speed and got a new modem (the tall white one). I have our Windows 10 PC's set up to kill the Wifi to them after 11PM. All the settings seemed to switch over fine with the new modem. The problem started with I paused the WiFi to my son's Xbox. After that none of our Windows devices were getting Wifi. All other devices were working fine, just not Windows device. I even swapped out to a new modem. Same problem.

After calling comcast (not hlep) , I figured out it was the Xfinity app blocking the wifi to the devices. If I forgot the device in the app and reconnected it it would connect fine (mostly, my PC sill has some pages that pop up and says the Wifi is paused). However as soon as I try to set up downtime on a device it completley stops the Wifi to that device. I've tried setting them up again several times with same affect.

I need this downtime to work for my kids! Its such useful tool! Is there a way to completely re-set settings and start over fresh? Or some other fix?

I've tried: new modem, factory reset and set up as new modem (It still remebered the devices and their nicknames), charging the network name and password, forgetting device and changing names. The problem persits. Any help would be appreciated.

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