(Dr. Smith) Jonathan Harris DVDs


Best known as Dr. Smith on the 1960's tv series Lost in Space. Thought I'd post some screen caps (post Lost in Space) from DVDs I've borrowed from Netflix featuring the very talented Jonathan Harris.
Hope you enjoy!

Night Gallery 1971
Episode: Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay

Monster Squad (tv series) 1976
Episode: The Astrologer

Ark II 1976
Episode: The Drought

Space Academy 1977
Star of the show.

Lost in Space Forever 1998
Bill Mumy, Jonathan Harris, and The Robot reprise their rolls in a short segment on the Lost in Space Forever documentary.



To give a little more perspective on the kind of man Jonathan Harris was, I'd like to direct you all to a link of pics of Mr. Harris on Bill Mumys website. Check out the black and white photos at the top, especially the 2nd and fifth B/W photo that shows Jonathan and his childhood sweetheart, Gertrude.
It's one of the sweetest things you could ever see.

Jonathan Harris

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