DTA Cost Increase?!?!? - XFinity

Has everyone experienced the DTA cost increase from $3.99 to $5.99? I'm wondering if this is just my area, or everywhere?

They used to offer two DTA's for free, then 1.99, then 3.99, now 5.99 (all in 3 years). This is absolutely ridiculous. Back in 2013, Comcast stated this about the 1.99 fee: "Bringing these enhancements to our customers requires significant investment, and we feel the nominal fee now being implemented for DTAs [digital TV adapters] appropriately reflects the additional value of the service,". Well, these simplistic DTA's have brought no additional value since 2013, yet the price has increased by 200%! Not too mention, you cannot buy these elsewhere to avoid the fee. If this is across the board and I cannot get them to lower it, it looks like I'll be moving to an OTA antenna. Of all the bills I pay each month, Comcast is the only one that always ticks me off. They nickel and dime you to death with bs fees and constant cost increases, but sadly they are the only viable internet provider in my area:-(

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DTA $5.99 how much next year

This is ridiculous "nominal fee" I have one standard box and 4 DTAs for kids and my bedrooms mainly watch basic channels and under a year these DTAs jumped from $3.99 to $5.99. (BTW A full function box is now $3.95 more at $9.95 a month) I have read these use to be free to $0.50 just 3 or 4 years ago. This costs me just about 24 dollars month and over the next two years $575.00 in rental fees. And you have no alternative to buy one like a modem this is very frustrating since everyone use to get local channels free with cable service. But this is thanks to our FCC and gov for allowing such practices. Best we can do is write our local representative so they can put their tax dollar bought paper shredder to work.