DTA Issues -- Pixellation and Freezing - XFinity

Lately, I have been experiencing ongoing issues with the picture pixellating, then ultimately freezing -- unless I quickly change the channel. Once I change the channel back to what I was watching, the picture will stay steady for 5-10 minutes, then the cycle starts all over again. If I don't grab the remote in time, though, the picture freezes, and I have to unplug everything to get the TV going again.

I held a chat with customer service, and the rep said he could not refresh my DTA and that it appeared the DTA was not connected -- except I was getting a picture (albeit pixellated) and multiple channels at that very minute. So, the programming was coming through, but not the refresh signal. He had no explanation. Later, when I tried the online troubleshooting, on the page that shows my equipment, the entry for TV2, where the DTA is located, showed a grayed-out box with a question mark over the image of the DTA.

The customer service rep had said I should just swap out the DTA, but that will involve a lenghty trip to the nearest store, which is about a half-hour away and, in my experience, is never efficient. Before I give up a good chunck of Saturday to make the trek out there, is there anything else to consider here? And, yes, I've checked all the connections, unplugged the DTA and let it sit for a while, and so on. FWIW, the set-top box on my other TV works fine, no pixellation, so I don't think there's an issue with the signal coming into the house.


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