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Yahoo has a pretty good TV Guide that can be personally tailored to display only the channels you receive. You can set it up for FREE OTA channels, cable or satellite. To get started, click the link in the upper left side of this page marked TV LISTINGS: Yahoo! TV



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I prefer using, as the listings are fully customizable when you register an account.

- Trip


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The built in program guides on DTV sets and converter boxes are pretty poor. It's the fault of the manufacturers - not DTV. DTV has pretty good program info, when stations choose to use it. But manufacturers give little or nothing in the way of support for the EPG. My 52" LCD only shows what I am watching now. I have a DTVpal converter box hooked to the aux inputs just so I have a program guide. Actually, most converter boxes have a better EPG than TV sets do, because EPG support was mandated by the government coupon program.

Out of all the other choices, TitanTV wins hands down.

Here's a post on my blog about this subject: Cache Free TV: Does OTA TV have a Program Guide Like Cable? ( YES, it does! )


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Just downloaded the Titan TV app for my iPad. Less than five minutes of use (free immediate sign up) I love it!!
I've tried the app on my tablet, but I actually prefer to use the web interface on a tablet. I've customized the font size and colors for the smaller screen, it looks great! But on the smaller screen of a phone, I would probably choose the app.


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I haven't put it on my phone yet, but I will soon I'm sure. Personally, I just like the convenience of the app over the browser. I did check the browser interface and it's perfectly fine. Just a case of preference.
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