DTV Converter Box and DirecTV connection


I subscribe to DirecTV and receive my local channels over the air. DirecTV in our area will not be carrying the local channels. We do not have a Digital TV.

I purchased an APEX Converter Box and hooked it up to the antenna and TV. It powers on, but then does not do anything. It isn't scanning, or affecting the TV in any way.

Our TV is a Sony, with many connections on the back for Video games, etc. I'm not sure I plugged the box into the correct one. The directions did not come with instructions other than directly to the TV.

We have the following also attached to the TV:

DirecTV Receiver D10-300
Sony DVD Player
Magnavox VCR

Do I need to connect the Converter box to the DirecTV Receiver, or the TV? Which set of Audio/Video connections do I use on the back of the TV?

Help! I have too many choices and limited instructions. Our local stations have already switched to digital signal and I can no longer get any of these channels.:violin:

Jason Fritz

Staff member
What kind of antenna do you have?

Have you gone to and entered you location information to get an approximation of distance from broadcast towers to your house?


I just have an indoor antenna connected to the big screen we're having problems with, as that is all we were told we would need for our basic local channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.). We were told we could receive more channels with an outdoor, rooftop antenna, but do not have one.

I have 2 other analog TVs in the house that aren't hooked up to DirecTV. With their indoor antennas and converter boxes, they work great. The one digital TV we own, with an indoor antenna, works really well. None of these TVs ae connected to DirecTV, DVD players or VCRs. Our big screen in the living room is the only one we're having difficulty with. It is the only one connected to the DirecTV satellite dish (as well as a DVD player and a VCR).

I went to and our local channels are listed, but I'm really not sure how to read it. We have flat terrain out here in West Texas. No hills or anything to block signals.