dtv converter box


When these boxes became mandatory for the analog tv, I had cable due to the high price of cable I no longer can afford it. Is there any way I may recieve a coupon for help geting a box or is it to late. I know this was a few years pass


DTV Converter Box

That government program has ended. If you would find a card it would have expired long ago. I have had great luck with my Zenith DTT901 devices.


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Only problem with the Zenith is that if you can find a new one online they want $120 for it. I've had good luck with the Digital Stream DTX9950 that is available at most local Radio Shacks for $60. Many Walmart still stock digital converter boxes, and in fact, my local Walmart sells up to 6 a week (RCA DTA800B1 @ $50).

If you can't afford a new one, check the local thrift stores or Craigs List. The thrift store converter boxes often don't have a remote, but you can find universal remotes that will work that cost less than $10. Make sure the universal remote is new enough to have the "dash" or "dot" button needed to tune digital channels.