DTV converter for laptop TV tuner card

what's the cheapest way to still get TV on my laptop because our transition has already gone through. my laptop tv card is an analog tuner, and I sometimes bring it on the road with me but i don't want to bring a bulky converter box too. Is there a small plug in converter or something that's available?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
buy a new tuner that will be the easiest thing to do.
I'm not sure about the quality of this one (or the website selling it), but am I reading this right?? Only $16?? USB 2.0 DVB-T Stick HDTV TV Tuner Receiver Video Capture for Laptop

Most of the new hdtv-dtv tuner cards are between $45-$65 which is the same cost as a converter..... Agree with Cowboy here, buy a new one. Much easier to pack up your laptop too without lugging an additional converter box.
if i were you i'd just get a newer model card that has a digital tuner in it.

When the price of the USB tv sticks goes down I'm getting one for my laptop, my laptop has a 15.4" widescreen display.
the little "rubber duck" antenna these usb sticks come with look cheap and flimsy. My little rca ant111 with uhf loop would go great with one of these