DTV delay to June 09 did not pass 1-28-09

I understand that the bill to delay the DTV transition passed the Senate yesterday. Today it was in the House, but did not pass. It did mention that next week the Senate would bring it up again, asking for a majority vote to pass it, meaning it still could pass right? and the June date is still a possibility or not?

what are you telling consumers?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Hi again GRG,
you're exactly right. We've got a discussion going here: and here:

I thought the delay would pass this week after Senate approval, but the House Reps pulled a suprising move. I'm sure they'll draft something both sides can agree on, but until then, Feb. 17th is the official transition day. The voted down Senate measure also included relief for expired coupon holders which would have allowed them to re-apply.
No wonder why! WGBX 44 kept airing a promo in my area saying that their analog channel will be operating at reduced power to let the DTV signal flow through better

They also said Feb 17th was still the official day.