DTV Genie HR54-500 DVR


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I have Genie HR54-500 DVR and am tired of paying every month rental fees. If I purchase one will I have any problems having DTV activating it?

Thanks in advance for all and any assistance.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all,


DTV and Dish will charge you rent whether you buy a receiver or get it from them. There's no way around the receiver fees. In most cases DTV and Dish will not activate the main receivers you buy. DTV and Dish may activate there add on Mini/Joey receivers that you buy. But you still will be charged the fee and they will be useless for any other service. There is no fee for there usb OTA revicers that you can buy. (DTV ota works but no longer supported and Dish ota is supported and you can drop the locals fee. Best not to buy any of their equipment. It comes with the install and programing. When you cancel service they have you return the all the receivers with remotes and power supplies in a paid return box that they send you. You keep the Dish and Lnb only.