DTV in da house!

Just checking in to see what 's going on here.
I'm a United Way DTV install volunteer in Omaha. Citizens can call United Way and ask for help with installing their converter boxes. We have a list of people asking for assistance and we call them up and set a time to come over to hook things up for them. I'm looking for a place to go where I can share some of my experiences with others.
Sunday we went to a ladies place. She said her grandson tried to things up for her, but she wasn't sure that he had done it right. She has 2 Digital Stream converters. Her grandson had the antenna going directly to her Magnavox console TV. The F connector cable that was plugged into the converter's antenna jack was going to the TV out connection on the converter. Basically it was hooked to itself.

Jason Fritz

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Pat, Welcome, and make yourself at home!

It's so easy for people to make 1 small mistake like the one you described during installation of converter boxes and antennas. Plus using the autoscan feature after connecting an antenna, and then troubleshooting the possibility that the antenna may not be adequate for receiving dtv signals makes this a tough transition...


Welcome to DTV USA Forum, Pat. We are glad you decided to join us. It is wonderful that the United Way is helping others with the DTV Transition. They are such an amazing charity in so many ways.