DTV News: DTV Reception a non-issue, says Association for Maximum Service TV


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MSTV (Association for Maximum Service TV) claims that FCC field-test data shows that digital tv reception is currently better than analog TV reception.

This field-test data conflicts with market research firm, Centris, which predicts that a significant amount of consumers who receive analog over-the-air signals won’t be able to receive DTV signals due to inadequate antennas.

Quoted from: Talkback on Broadcasting & Cable
Centris’ research indicates that there are 15.2 million households who rely on over-the-air reception, which is higher than Nielsen estimates, and Goodstadt thinks that “8 to 9 million will got to pay TV,” with about one-third going to satellite and two-thirds going to cable.
Wow, this is a bold statement! I guess Centris is saying that because DTV reception will be a issue with consumers, consumers will switch to cable or satellite television.