DTV Pal Goes Off


My converter box is a DTV Pal that I like except for one thing. I'll be watching TV for a while and then some box pops up that tells me it's going to sleep unless I press the box. I then scramble and fall all over the place for the remote, or I don't see it and all I hear is static on the TV. Can I put to sleep the sleep thing?


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Yes, I have that box. It's a built in energy saving feature, and it's in the setup menu. The box turns off if you don't press a button within the set time. Default is 4 hours. You can set it to turn off in 4, 6, or 8 hours, or never. I have mine set for 8 hours which seems to be fine for most people, if that's not enough time for you just disable it in the setup menu. I am not at home so I can't tell you where in the menu it is. You will find it in your owners manual, page 17. Here's a link to the manual online:


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I'm glad she posted. Since I've been watching OTA more, it was happening to me, too. I guess we should be glad it has that kind of energy savings thing in it, only it doesn't shut off the TV to make it really an energy saver. :}