DTV Pal Plus Lost the remote


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I have a DTV Pal Plus Digital to Analog TV Tuner Converter Box, however sad thing first I lost the remote. All my channels have different zoom ratios on them and when i switch to the news channel half my screens missing b/c of the zoom ratio. I as wondering if I popped the box open and took out the "battery" would that reset it like fresh off the manufacturer conveyor belt settings?

This is the box I have.
DTV PAL Plus Digital to Analog TV Tuner Converter Box w Remote | eBay

All help is appreciated


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You see those 2 buttons on the top right hand side, that's what changes the zoom ratio I believe (if i didn't forget that). How would I reprogram the remote? Also how d you know that this remote will work? Sorry if I sound so questioning, but this is really making me mad, that after 5-6-7 years they would completely remove all traces of this product as well as customer support or even yet, DISH network completely un-acknowledging this product as even theirs.
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