DTV Reception in an RV - No signal

i just bought a 2005 rv the tv gets fair reception with attenna so i bought a :confused::confused:dtv rca converter box i am in the hill country of no ark channel search shows no signals ??? i am hooked uo to roof anttenna :confused:
The RV's antenna should already have an amp built-in. (there's usually a red LED telling you it's got power and a selector for 'Cable/Ant' make sure it's on ANT and the antenna is cranked up all the way. the one in my 1995 Sportsmen's Trailer was stripped so i had to get on the roof and raise it manually)

Usually those outlets with the amp fail. if so the LED won't light and you'll get nothing.
Be cautious about digging or putting up permanent mounts or poles for antennas/satellite dishes. some RV parks won't allow that. ;) and if you only stay awhile and then leave, why bother?

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