DTV Refuses to Connect Service after Move - DirecTV

I have been a Direct TV subscriber for 8 years. We just bought a new home that so happens to also have had DTV service. In fact, I watched DTV frequently at the new home with the previous owners. Beautiful reception and sound. I figured getting me service moved to the new address would be a no brainer.

I called the Direct TV moving number and setup an appointment for hookup. The technician arrived and 10 miuntes later announced to me he couldn't hook up due to small branches at the top of a tree on a hillside at least 100' away from the dish. I then contacted DTV who assured me a senior tech or supervisor would come out and resolve the issue. Two days later I did get the visit. It was the same result. The senior tech (I guess he was) said I would get a picture without a problem but due to some reading on his meter being under 90% he wasn't allowed to connect. He said five years ago there would have been no problem connecting. I am not going to the expense of having trees topped or removed.

Neither tech offered a solution, such as an alternate dish location. I am to the point of making a decision to:
a) Try contacting DTV one more time and stating that someone with authority to make decisions needs to come out to my residence so we could work together to get a resolution.
b) Contact Dish for an installation.

Any thoughts on how I should proceed? Thanks

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