DTV: What do I need to upgrade my TV?

I would like to know what I need to make my TV compatible with DTV. I had my neighbor come over and tell me that my big screen needs a converter box, and as much as I trust his judgment, I want to check with someone who knows for sure.

My TV is a RCA model# HD52W55. I've got a DVD player that's connected to it and also a Nintendo Wii, but that's it. When I purchased the big screen a few years back, I could have sworn it was an HDTV, so I don't know if I really need to do anything.
Just because it's an HDTV doesn't meant it is ready. it would need an ATSC tuner to receive digital television, so if the set doesn't bear these labels:


Then it needs a converter box. a converter box is just a tuner that allows older televisions to receive the new DTV broadcasts. if you have cable or satellite, you don't need to do anything. cable/satellite aren't required to switch. and satellite IS digital television.

HDTV to some people is misleading. it has nothing to do with the way it's received, it has nothing to do with reception. it's merely the resolution of the picture that is sent (480i, 1080i/p) and the quality. it is not to be confused with DTV; the last three letters of HDTV do not stand for Digital TeleVision. it stands for High Definition TeleVision.

Locals accessed through cable/satellite aren't going to require you doing anything. but if you rely on over the air (OTA) antennas either from roof or rabbit-ears, OR if your satellite uses a separate antenna for locals (instead of being part of the service) the local channels will need a DTV converter box.

You do NOT have to throw out your current TV. that's sadly the panic from those who don't know all the facts.

you can check out a nice FAQ on The Digital TV Transition: What You Need to Know About DTV
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