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code "722" EchoStar

I'm using my old satellite Dish Network remote (3.1 IR RCR500SBM1) and the code "722" EchoStar). It works identical to my DTVPal Plus remote.


Will the dish 5.3 remote operate the dish dtvpal converter box?

I just received the DTVPal converter box and the remote does not control the turning off of the tv. Its not the DT40 or the plus but I guess the one in between. What remote would you recomend to get that will turn tv on and off also? My DTVPal DVR remote will control the box. Does anyone no where I could buy the same remote at. Mine is the 5.3 IR 163959. Cant believe they would make a remote that does not have a tv power button.
So will the Dish 5.3 DVR remote work with the Dish dtvpal converter box??
If your 5.3 remote "will control the box" why are you asking which dish remote will work?
I know this is an old thread and maybe I am miss reading the post ......please help


Remote for dish dtvpal plus

Last thing, my original dish 160948 remote is broken. Will I be able to program a later dish (ie dish 5.3) remote to work on my dish dtvpal plus converter box w/o having the original remote to "power on" the box??
Can I just hit SAT then Power button on the dvr remote and it will work on my dtvpal plus?
If I unplug my converter box power cable & reconnect it the green led will illuminate, will I then be able to program a dish dvr remote to work in the short period the led is illuminated/powered on?
There are no control buttons on the dish dtvpal converter box receiver.. Please help


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I need help with mine, So I had all the zoom resolutions set, but somehow they got screwed up, I lost my remote and now when I watch fox 45, I’m missing the whole bottom bar of new notifications. Help pls. I was thinking if I opened the box up and removed the battery it be like starting it from a cold turkey beginning.