Transition to 2.0 - Beta Testing, Complaints, and Everything Else

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Jason Fritz

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Hello everyone,
I wanted to make all users of Dtvusaforum aware that we are upgrading to the newest version of our forum software. This upgrade will require stripping our current layout including:

- Modifications: like "Thank You Mod", Side Column Information Center, and others.
- Site Design Template: We will revert back to the old, stock site layout just before the upgrade.
- Minor Tweaks and Edits: Though the user experience here may decrease a little bit over the next month, we should not lose anything from our backed up database during these edits.

I will be looking forward to feedback from all members of the forum. This includes positive and negative feedback. I will try to make the upgrade as unobtrusive to everyone as possible, but there does remain a possibility that some problems may occur.

The stock layout on the upgraded forum is NOT pretty but I will be investing time and money to give us a nice polished look. Priority lies with getting the forum to function properly first, then upgrading the look of the forum. I may play around with a temporary layout, or have a new one designed. So, the layout may not be finished by the time the upgrade will occur, BUT, I hope that everyone will remain patient during this transition. Also, I'm still considering getting a quote on a new logo to match the new template.

Questions and Answers

Will my private messages still be here after the upgrade?
Yes, Private Messages should be fine during and after the upgrade.

Will my albums and pictures be safe during and after the upgrade?
Yes, the upgrade will include transfer of all albums, pictures, and descriptions.

What about my "Thank You" counts?
Thank You counts for all members should be fine after the upgrade. We will be disabling them very soon while we strip the forum down for the upgrade.

How can I help?
Report back to this thread with any questions, user experience reports, or complaints. Suggestions are always welcome!

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Moving along on the upgrade. Wanted to make a list for currently reported bugs, please comment if I've missed anything.

  • Extended dark space @ bottom of forum threads. - Jim in Seattle
  • Attachments are still small and blurry. - Don M
  • Notification update stuck - Piggie, Jim in Seattle
  • Home Page Article/News section layout - Jay
  • Thank You search results error - Jay
  • Temporary Logo needs to be replaced - Jay


So I haven't been able to get back here for almost a month and it's completely changed! Looks good but what's up with the small logo?
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