Duck Dynasty's 3rd season premiere garners 8.6 million viewers, is Morissey to thank?

Morrissey, British singer and animal rights activist, clearly not a fan of folks who kill ducks, made a last minute cancellation for his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live after learning he would share the guest panel with the cast of A&E's hit scripted reality-show Duck Dynasty. And as we all know, PR is PR, good or bad, it shines a light.

Morrissey's cancellation naturally made news, and as a result, along with other factors, helped turn 8.6 million people on to the gun-slinging, animal-killing (for sport and food) reality TV family portrayed in Duck Dynasty. This viewership has not only broken a Duck Dynasty record but an A&E record as well, making it the most-watched telecast ever on A&E. Upwards to 5 million of the viewers fell in the 18-49 adult demographic.

Parody: A new product launched in respect to vegans as a result of Morissey's cancellation

By referring to the family as "animal serial killers," Morissey may have inadvertently created a PR-ruckus that became the tipping point that saw these new records take shape. Another such record, unrelated to Morissey talking about the Duck Dynasty family as people "who kill beings for fun," was in the social networks, namely Facebook. More than any other TV series, in 2012, "Duck Dynasty" received more mentions, even more so than CBS' "The Big Bang Theory," and HBO's "Game of Thrones," a shock to many analysts.

Video: New Duck Dynasty Product for Vegans - the Carrot Call
a parody video from Jimmy Kimmel Live