Dumb Chum Gives Thanks! [Movie] - Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime subscribers can now watch 'Dumb Chum Gives Thanks! [Movie]' through the Amazon Prime streaming service. Released on 10-28-2016 05:00 AM, 'Dumb Chum Gives Thanks! [Movie]' can be watched on Amazon Prime through devices like the Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and more.

'Dumb Chum Gives Thanks! [Movie]' Summary:
With the help of Screwy Louie and his cookbook, Dumb Chum attempts to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Everything is going fine until he gets to the turkey!

Is 'Dumb Chum Gives Thanks! [Movie]' on Amazon Prime, currently? As of 10-28-2016 05:00 AM, yes it is.