DVD Copy Software Questions

I'm wanting to copy some of the DVDs that I own for my own use, so I wanted to ask some questions and get some ideas from all of you.

1. Is there any legal software that allows you to copy DVDs?

I don't want to share the DVDs with friends, I want to have a copy for myself when I travel and leave a copy at home for my family if I take the original disc.

2. We have some family DVDs that were made on DVD-R discs, will I be able to copy those discs?



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Greetings FunkyMonkey welcome to the Forum :welcome:

There is no Program Software, or, Equipment that I'm aware of, which will
violate the Copywrite Protection of a protected Disk.
Such is against the Law, and discussions related to that are discouraged
on this Forum. In fact, punitive actions would be the result of a pursuance.

Most all Recorders now, will record and copy most all Formats of disk, including
the DVD-R. You should have no problem making duplicates of those, or any
other "home" recorded Disk, from a new machine to an older one, or vice versa.


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Making backup copies of your own DVDs solely for your own personal use is fair use and is legal. The MPAA may tell you otherwise, but I'm sure if given the chance they will make you pay every time you want to watch a DVD.

What is illegal is making decryption tools to circumvent copy protection. But that is the software developer's problem, not yours. This is why SlySoft has their headquarters in Antigua out of the reach of US and European authorities. But if you use their tools and copy a DVD afaik you should be covered under fair use. No one has been sued for making a personal copy of a DVD. This can be good or bad since the studios apparently don't care much about personal copies, or it could be that they're going to sue someone someday. But most of their legal efforts so far has been against software mfgs.

There are plenty of tools to back up DVDs, even copy protected ones, both free and paid tools. I used to use DVD Shrink, but they stopped hosting it on their site for legal reasons. But google is your friend. As i mentioned above, it is illegal to make and distribute tools to copy protected DVDs.

Slysoft anydvd is the most effective but also the most expensive (not free).

I have about 300 DVDs, not one is a bootleg since I've been able to scout the $10 bin at walmart and find lots of cheap DVDs. But I do have backups to play on the road and also on my iPhone.
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