dvd recorder hook up to comvast cable box - XFinity

For dvd recorder hook up to comvast cable box, XFinity-Comcast Television Apps which include TV Go. My DVD recorder/player stops recording when I turn the tv off. It states I need an HDMI and component cords. I already have them hooked up. How can I get this to work?


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Take the cable from the wall goes to the input marked cable in on the box, the box you go hdmi out to the tv, and your done with that part. Now to access the cable box you need to press the input button on your tv's remote control until you come to that input where the hdmi cable is in, they are usually labeled input 1,2,3 on the back of the tv and you can label them with your tv remote if you wish, so that takes care of the cable box to the tv.

For the dvd player you don't say how have that hooked up, probably red, yellow, white cables. the red and white being for sound the yellow for video. I will assume this as dvr recorders don't usually have hdmi, but if yours does it pretty much the same.