DVD recorder with hard disc or with out


Right now I have to look for a new DVD recorder, because my old one is playing but not recording anymore. Brought him back to the store and they told me repairing would be to expensive. Better I would buy a new one.

But I am not quite sure, what to take.

Because we are in Europe right now, I need one DVD recorder for HDTV and PAL DVDs to play. (And I am in need of a second digital receiver for this DVB-T here. )

I am thinking of buying a DVD recorder with intergraded hard disc. But there are so many different that I do not see the trees in the forests.

Should I buy a DVD recorder with or without hard disc? What would you do?




Thanks- it helped only a bit.

Now I am sitting here and do not know which one to take:
a Pioneer DVT 650 250 HHD 1080i or an International 1280 DVD player/Recorder with 80GB hard drive.

Could someboy give me a helpfull hint, please?

Which of these two should I take, if I am in need of a DVD recorder which can play PAL and NDTV and is region free?
either way hard disc or not Pal is not compatible in the USA, no US video device will play it. the encoding will even give you problems on US TVs SO you will need one for each place so get a cheap one for europe and then purchase one for the US. Also could buy a tv card for computer and record to your computer hard drive then change when you get to the US.


So you think, I should get one DVD recorder for that PAL system here in Europe and later buy a new one for the US?

Or a second one for playing our US-DVDs?

Why are there some DVD recorder that can do both? I am asking because our TV has a button to switch to PAL for Europe and is working fine with this PAL.

So, really two different recorders or one which can do both?