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I have rabbit ears into my Samsung DVD-V1000 which has a digital to analog converter in it. This is hooked to my Sony Trinitron (1998). Will this converter suffice?

Jason Fritz

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Hi Kmay,
Thank you for providing the details and model number on your VCR/DVD player, makes it so much easier to give a more accurate answer.

A quick check on the specs of the Samsung DVD-V1000 reveals the following information from Amazon:

CONSUMER ALERT: This television receiver has only an analog broadcast tuner and will require a converter box after February 17, 2009, to receive over-the-air broadcasts with an antenna because of the U.S.'s transition to digital broadcasting.
Unfortunately, your DVD/VCR does not have a built in digital-to-analog converter in it. Since you receive television signals over-the-air, you will need to purchase a converter box to continue receiving television broadcasts after February 17th, 2009.

The converter box will need to be connected to the input of your DVD/VCR player (you can use the input where the rabbit ears antenna are currently connected), you will then need to output the signal into your television. The rabbit ears antenna can be connected to whichever digital converter box you decide to purchase.


That stinks but I would guess that anything not made after the 2005 ruling on this act, would require a converter box. I would like to hope that they started building them in after the Act passed.
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