DVR displays incorrect recordings



Label on the box is XG1A.

For the past 2-3 months, I've had this strange problem occur maybe 3-4 times. I record multiple daily (series) shows particular news channel during the day or evening to skim through later on. Most recently was last weekend where I had scheduled recordings for 8, 9 and 10 PM, call them A, B and C. WHen I went to watch B, it showed A. The info button gave me the B information, but the show info displayed on the recording said it was A and the timestamps on the recording (where the news shows often post the current time on the bottom of the screen) said 8 PM ET. When I played A, it was the same show. Then when I tried to watch C, it also showed A. Plus my DVR space was much higher than it should have been. When I deleted those 3 shows, the space used went down by about 30%, where normally deleting a 1 hour programs returns about 1%.

A few weeks ago, my DVR space was around 25% when I left for work and "disk full" when I got home that evening. It had recorded maybe 7-8 programs, all but one were 1 hour shows and the other was 4 hour. The one or two shows that I spot checked were again mislabeled., and as I deleted the 1 hour shows, it would regain around large percents of space. The next day it recorded the exact same programs without incident.

Is this a known problem? I tried to search, but couldn't figure out the search terms to describe it.

With the new TV season starting soon, I would like to avoid this problem so that I can actually watch the shows. Do I need to exchange it?

"DVR displays incorrect recordings," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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