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Our DVR has been humming like crazy lately especially when we are recording something when we watch something that has been recorded or watch something while another program is being recorded you have to turn the volume way up on the tv to hear the program.
Cox says its just a normal sound that is the HD working, anyone else have this issue or am I the lucky one


Without hearing the sound, it is hard to judge, but any sound that changes over the course of time indicates something going wrong. Often, it is just a misaligned fan. However, that would tend to degrade the life and/or operation of the fan, and therefore could affect the life and/or operation of the device in total, eventually. Worse news would be if it is the hard drive. Noise from the hard drive could be leading up to a disk crash.

If you owned the DVR, it might be worth digging deeper. As a rental, there is not much to gained in the short term. If the device works, then it'll stay in inventory. They surely won't come out and "fix" it if it is currently working, just for a hum. By the same token, here in Comcast-land, if you bring a DVR into their local office, they'll swap it out for another, no questions asked.
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Yes, I agree with bicker that it really would depend. But ultimately Cox can't charge you for a new box seeing it is rented out to you anyways. So you might as well get ahold of them and see if they can set you up with a totally brand new box. As it is probably better that you get exchanged a box that is going out or a box that could create a safety hazard depending on what the issue is at hand.

I would tell them you want someone to actually come out and look at it before judging the issue. As I don't notice any humming on our DVR box when the TV is off or anything. It might make a little sounds if I got really close to it but nothing very noticable.


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Note that if they find nothing wrong, you'd be liable for the cost of a service visit.
If there is a local office, I would just bring the box there for an exchange. That shouldn't cost anything.

DVR's shouldn't make any noise unless they are resetting themselves.
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