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Last month, with the trashing of DVR Management (non-X1) from the website, over and over again we were told to use the "new" TV Remote App. I have both an Android and iPAD loaded with the "smart" app. Initially, the iPAD worked (sort of). The Android was a complete fail at start-up. Following an update to the Android app, it also worked, albeit, very unreliably.

The last few weeks, the Android app has continuously shown scheduled recordings in varying degrees, mostly very inaccurately. Yesterday, both the iPAD and Android apps are now declaring that I have nothing scheduled and I should "put my DVR to work!!!!". This is an instance of having a single DVR, which is scheduled with dozens of programs, many being series recordings.

During this time, I have also noticed that the standard method of scheduling, using the actual remote, has been resulting in considerable flakiness. Existing series recording is not working in many instances, marking a program for series recording is not taking effect, I have to mark it as a single recording. Etc., etc., etc.....

I am absolutely appalled by what Comcast is doing with the amount of money that I'm pouring into their coffers each month. Being an embedded software engineer, makes it only worse! Improve this pile, or I will be looking elsewhere.

And don't even think of suggesting that I "upgrade" to X1!!!

This question, "DVR Manager with TV Remote App: COMPLETE FAIL!," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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