DVR not recording correctly 2 weeks after series setup - DirecTV

I have question regarding setting up of some sports highlight shows that run many times a day. An example would be MLB Tonight. During the season, MLB network will replay this show most of the overnight hours, with the episodes being identical. I setup my DVR to record the 3AM to 4AM episode because no one will be using the DVR at that time, any live programming, games, etc will be over, so therefore the episode should be the highlights I want recorded. I set the DVR to record the series for first run and repeats, because these would be considered repeats, and for Any day at 3AM, but the DVR then schedules the 2 episodes before and the 2 episodes after to record as well. This means the DVR will record 5 consecutive episodes of the exact same program from 1AM to 5AM. This would work, but it seems like it would burn up the DVR faster as I am record 4 episodes I will never see. So I setup the DVR to record only 1 episode per day. This then works to record only the one 3AM to 4AM episode. However, as the days pass and the DVR sets the schedule for days that were not in the guide at the setup, it will pick the first time the episode is broadcast on that day, meaning it could be 12AM and therefore the proper program does not record many times, due to spill over of live events or prior programs. The only fix I have found is that every two weeks I have to go reset these types of program's settings so it will record the times I want. Does anyone know of something I might be doing wrong. Having to remember to re setup series recording every two weeks gets kind of annoying.

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