DVR not recording/shows not on Demand



I have a series recording set up for Swamp Thing on the CW. My DVR is no longer recording them (it did record the first 4) and shows the red "recording canceled" symbol next to them on the guide. It is recording other programs just fine and there is no conflict with other recordings at the same time. I even tried to record it "live" and it would not record.

Also, we missed this weeks premiere of NCIS New Orleans due to football running over. We missed the end of the program as it only recorded for the time that was set. We were going to watch it on Demand and it isn't there!!! There is an option to buy it from CBS for $2.99. But no option to watch it. What gives? We already pay enough for cable ($300 cable /internet/phone) and I am not paying for programs that were always free and available the day after airing!!

Thanks in advance!!

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