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My parents currently have two Whole House DVRs (Samsung SMT-H3272 units), and they're happy with them. Well, mostly happy -- I think everyone would like their DVR to have "more capacity".

They are planning to replace their last CRT TV soon (which currently has no set-top box or DVR), it's just getting the analog TV channels (and has a VCR in-line).

I see that TWC offers a DVR, Whole House DVR, Enhanced DVR, and Enhanced Whole House DVR. After reading the available information (mostly marketing stuff), I *think* that my folks will want to get a third Whole House DVR to connect the new flat panel TV.

So, my question to you folks that have tried the various DVR options, do they want the Whole House DVR or the Enhanced Whole House DVR? The "standard" DVR is a no-go, because the storage capacity is too low. With 3 Whole House DVRs, they can record up to 6 shows at a time, so the Enhanced Whole House DVR doesn't sound like it would be worth the additional monthly charge. But maybe there's some good features not covered in "the glossy literature", and you only find that out by personal experience.

I also understand that Spectrum wants to eliminate the Whole House DVRs, we'll cross that bridge when Spectrum plans replace the TWC plans (no timetable on that for the Albany, NY area, so it does not appear to be imminent).
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