DVR playback problems, i.e. UVERSE as usual - DirecTV

Here is my goal fix these problems without having to erase all of my recordings or replace DVR again. Any suggestions of what's going on? ?

Problem/symptom #1 appeared about 10 days ago

  • When attempting to playback recordings the recording goes black and does not play.
  • If you switch and start a different recording it will start immediately.
  • If you go back and attempt to play recording #1 it will now start immediately just fine.
  • I attempted to reset DVR, first by holding down power button for 10 seconds. The dvr wouldn't turn back on after about 30 minutes.
  • Then I unplugged it, waiting 10 seconds and plugged it back in. That got live tv working, but it still had not initialized hard drive.
  • Then I tried a 3x unpluging, non-destructive restart. That got it back up and running. It seemed to fix the issue, but it came back a couple of hours later.
Problem/symptom #2 I noticed a few days later while trying to diagnose

  • In the uverse android app, if I look at my DVR recordings it will show more recordings than my DVR and other STB's show.
  • The difference in numbers is that the app is showing recently deleted recordings as still being there, which leads to me believe the DVR software is either not properly deleting recordings or the DVR is not communicating properly with the server.
Problem/Symptom #3 a few nights ago

  • One of the VIP 2500 wireless STB completely lost its connection.
  • I was only able to get it working again by unplugging the power from the VEN 501. Then reassociating the vip2500.

Equipment in use:
Pace IPH8005 dvr connected via ethernet
Arris NVG589 RG fed via ethernet single pair
2x Moto VIP 2500 wireless STB
Cisco ISB7000 connected via ethernet
VEN 501
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