DVR Playlist won't load on App - DirecTV

I have the DirecTV app on my new iPhone 7 and I'm hoping to download some shows from my playlist. I was thrilled to hear DirecTV ditched the GenieGo ... that thing worked so sporadically and unpredictably I was happy it was going to be as easy as, say, downloading Amazon prime videos is. Unfortunately, my app spins eternally on 'Loading Playlist' no matter what I do.
The app is up to date, the phone and the receivers are all on the same wifi network (and yes, connected), I've turned the cellular off of the phone so it doesn't interfere, and I've also removed the GenieGo. I am able to stream with no problems, but offline viewing (which is key for upcoming overseas flights) is still not working. (And I'm out of Amazon prime shows to watch!!)
I have a Model: HR20-700 and also Model: HR44-200 ... both connected. What am I doing wrong?


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