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I've had DirectTV for several months and I'm very dissapointed in the DVR and I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong in using it. I'm having several issues:

  1. When I schedule a series, most of the time I get two entries in the series manager - one that says "All channels" and one that says "season XX" or a specific channel Why is that and why does it not happen with some series?
  2. Some shows simply fail to record, a lot actually. I've probably missed 10-15 individual shows even though they were set up to record. Is this typical with this DVR?
  3. Sometimes shows don't record when broadcast, they just show up in the list from "on demand". These frquently are not HD and they cannot be fast forwarded. How can I make sure I get it recorded rather than from "On Demand"?
  4. Sometimes I watch a show and delete it and it shows up in the DVR again, usually the "on Demand" version when I've watched the recorded version. I then have to delete it again.
  5. I keep getting shows I've never heard of and never scheduled recorded. I delete them and more pop up. It's not listed in the series manager either. Why is this?
What can I do to resolve these issues?


This question, "DVR Problems," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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