DVR questions for XG1V4 box



I am a new user of 4K. There must be others here like me or maybe some veterans of 4K who can pass some knowledge around.

  1. Is there a dedicated link that discusses everything 4K in relation to Xfinity?
  2. Is there a tip/tricks to the XG1V4 box for new users?
  3. I understood there is only 1 other box and it is wireless, the Xi6 that supports 4K, yes?

I searched the Xfinity site and found the information to be very vague and stock. I am upgrading from a standard DVR box to this new 4K dvr box and of course a customer is going to have questions.

Thanks in advance!

"DVR questions for XG1V4 box," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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