DVR Recordings and the lack of truth from Comcast



The last week has put me on an interesting Comcast ride.

on Friday I happened into an Xfinity store and snarkily announced my bill was too high, what can they do.

The high point of the whole story - I got more channels for less money. I should have stopped in sooner.

but the question asked multiple times - will my DVR Recorded shows still be there, and will my recording schedule be preserved. The answer was alwasy Yes. So I changed my cable TV packages, and assured all would be fine.

On Sunday, 10 DVR recorded shows mysteriously weren't there any more

on Monday, the other 30 recorded shows were gone. I had no saved recordings, and no scheduled recordings at all.

Then a few hours on the phone. this of course includes automated nightmare, with promises to call back that didn't happen, automation that hangs up on me, and lots of time on hold. That can be a different story.

but I was assured that my scheduled shows were preserved somewhere, adn my recorded shows were still on the cable bo - they'll send a tech out and he can get the shows back.

Well, tech was here (very nice and professional guy). He laughed when I said what the phone peopel had promised me. The recoeded shows were gone - there is nothing he could do to the cable box to make them come back. he doesn't know why I was promised that.

Aside frrom just venting hre (thanks for listening), it would be nice if I could get in touch with someone higher up in customer service to find out.

- was the xfinity store guy lying saying my DVR would be unaffected, or was he correct, and someoen behind the scenes screw up my service with the upgrade.

- I'll acknowledge my recorded shows are just gone (not happy, but...) but it would be nice to get my scheduled shows back. Aren't the list of shows I want regularly recorded kept on the Comcast servers and not locally? if so, how can those just be "gone"??

- And, of course, why are your CSA's telling me things that aren't true.

(DVR issue is call CR 858 035 546, so you (comcast) can get names and histories)


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