DVR Recordings Are Hardly Ever Right - XFinity

Y'all really need to change the way things are recorded - set it up by the show title rather than time because there is always something running late and the shows are pushed back but the recording still starts "on time" and we end up not even being able to watch the recordings. This has been happening most frequently with all the NCIS shows. It's usually sports that run long causing this issue. So during basketball season it is always messed up. Like we don't even bother with the recording anymore. It's either On Demand or we go with different services. This should really be looked at because it would greatly improved customer happiness when things record like they're supposed to. Since we are paying for it to do that. I know, first-world problems and all, but still...

This question, "DVR Recordings Are Hardly Ever Right," is about XFinity-Comcast TV channels, programming, and sports.

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