DVR Recordings Won't Download To TV APP - XFinity

I have tried on numerous occasions to download my recorded shows from my X1 box to my Tv App on my IPhone with very little success. If someone could please help me I would really appreciate it. The few times that I've been able to download load any recordings they either don't play all the way, they loop, they freeze and I have to use the slider to advance or it just keeps restarting from the beginning. Recently I haven't been able to get anything to download. The progress bar stutters at 0%, it says it can create a file, it automatically puts it into the queue even when it's the only item being downloaded or the progress bar will get between 50 to even 100 and restart. I've signed out plenty of times and logged back in on all devices, powered everything off and back on (IPhone, IPad, Mac, X1, Modem) as well as uninstalled then reinstalled the app and nothing has worked. I contacted Xfinity customer support who had me do the same but I'm still having the same problem. I was hoping someone has experience this and has found a solution. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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