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I think the Spectrum DVR update assumes a Spectrum remote control and my remote does not have the buttons to accept the update.

Long version.
I have a Cisco Explorer 8640HDC DVR. I've had it for a year or so. For the last week or so I've been getting a message when I turn it on.

The message says 'Updated firmware has been released' and below that the message has an icon on the left that looks like a round button with a circle around it with four arrows pointing outward ; this looks like the OK/SEL button on my UR5U-8780L-TWC remote. Next to this button it says 'Go update'. To the right there is a square icon with the word 'RETURN' and next to that it says 'Close'. I can't find a RETURN button on my remote or on the DVR.

When the message pops up I try pressing the OK/SEL button on my remote, but nothing happens. I've tried a few other buttons, but the don't seem to do anything and after about 10 seconds, the message goes away. But if I turn off the DVR for a while or until the next day, I get the same message again.

I've tried searching the menu system to see if there are any options to check for or apply updates, but have not found anything. I've contacted TWC support via chat and they tried 'sending a signal' to my DVR and had me hard boot the DVR. the message didn't come up. The next day the message appeared again. I contacted TWC again and the rep suggested I remove my coax cable from the DVR and the wall and reinstall it backwards. I laughed and she then tried the same solution as the previous day but this time the message did appear after the hard boot. Then the rep told me the message means the firmware was applied, but I have a hard time believing I am getting daily firmware updates and sometimes twice a day.

I suspect that the firmware update from Spectrum probably assumes Spectrum equipment, but I was with TWC prior to Spectrum acquiring them and I need help figuring out how to accept the update.

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