DVR skipping large sections of program in FF and REW - XFinity

Several programs that have been recorded on my DVRs will skip large sections (e.g. 10 minutes) of content (both program and commercials) in both FF and REW. It can PLAY the skipped content. The same program behaves identically on all 3 of my DVRs. I called support, and they sent a tech out. The tech said that this is some arrangement with NBC (this seems to happen often on CNBC and MSNBC) to avoid skipping commercials.

First, there's clearly an error in the software or the content. I doubt they intended to skip 10 minutes of content and commercials at a time. Secondly, this is unreasonable for a channel like CNBC where there are little segments with widely variying topics. It makes viewing it untenable. Lastly, if this is true, NBC and/or Comcast has simply violated what most people think of as a DVR. I get it for OnDemand, but I'm paying to store the content locally.

This question, "DVR skipping large sections of program in FF and REW," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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