DVR storage



My DVR went from 80% full to 99% full within one hour last week and it is asking me to pay $10 per month to upgrade my storage. I have called comcast almost daily since February 24 and each rep has told me something different. One rep told me for some reason the % storage is reflecting what is actually on your cloud and not the hard drive of my DVR...which she said should be around 80%. But I can't record any additional programs or it will start deleting programs to make more room. One rep told me to go to the comcast store and swap out one of my non-DVR boxes and get a second DVR to increase storage. I did that yesterday but my storage indicator still says it's full. I've had to delete about 7 programs to stop getting the "upgrade" message. One rep told me this is a systemwide problem with comcast and that something was rolled out and it has effected the storage on all DVR's. I need this problem fixed without me spending more money.

"DVR storage," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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