DVR will NOT record shows on certain channels HELP!!



DVR will NOT record shows on certain channels HELP!!

I'm in the seacoast NH area, and this does seem linked to stations no longer appearing under the Guide as 'Free to Me', even though they are part of my cable package.


My DVR is refusing to record some shows and I'm unable to determine why. For example, when using the Guide and attempting to record a show, it will go through the steps and appear that it is going to record, but then the Guide will have a red no entry (a red circle with a slash through it) symbol next to the show. This is what I've tried:

  • There are no other shows scheduled at the same time, so its not a conflict issue.
  • My DVR should have plenty of space.
  • I've tried going in and removing future scheduled shows temporarily to see if its because the DVR is anticipating being full, but this made no difference. However, I was able to re-add these particular shows.
  • Multiple times I've done a Restart/System Refresh/actually unplugging the DVR box
  • I have the series "Felger and Mazz" on nbc sports Boston on schedule and it has been recording it fine, but looking at the episode scheduled for tomorrow (1/4) it is not listed on the 'to be recorded' list. When I look up the series under 'Upcoming' the future 2 episodes are listed with the icon of 3 red circles with the top circle being the open red circle with the slash through it, so they do not look like they will record.

Anything else I'm missing for troubleshooting? It really just seems to not be working properly.

"DVR will NOT record shows on certain channels HELP!!," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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