Ebay hacked!


I stopped using eBay for a long time ago because of their predatory practices many years ago. I still find it surprising that people like to use to that site, i guess it must be due to the lack of alternatives out there. I think it all started to go downhill when they bought paypal and now this... I wonder if ebay will still be alive in 5-10 years.

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Although I have wanted to use eVILbay several times over the last few years, I no longer can do to Paypal. I had a perfect buyer/seller rating of 100% but out of the blue one day, Paypal disallowed access to my account. I tried to restore it several times but only received 'boilerplate' responses from Paypal.

A second example is a good friend who had an eVILbay business/home page. He was hit by a car and he missed shipping a few items after losing his entire arm. eVILbay put his business into limbo and his wife had to sue to restore it. That took them months to get through the Courts.

ZERO human contact is their problem.



You hit the nail on the head. Zero human contact is exactly what their problem is. There have been a couple of times where websites use paypal to raise money for charities and paypal ends up freezing the accounts! what the hell is wrong with them?


Ebay sellers, is there any update on the subject? I mean, there have been severe problems regarding the hack. Even though passwords are changed, there is still grave concern. Too bad!


The other day Ebay was inoperable due to scheduled maintenance. While this may have been a dumb glitch, one can't help but wonder if months from now we will hear about a hack.