Echo Chamber - DirecTV

Noticed in reading other customer posts in this "AT&T Community Forum" that many of those customer questions are attacked by a swarm of so called "know it alls". Usually the same individuals using the same tactics. They create this echo chamber in support of one another and really don't help the customer, who may have a totally legitimate issue.

Again, this is an AT&T supported Forum, so they are free to do as they please. But they are hurting themselves and their customers by not allowing other points of view to be freely discussed. This helps customers and the company with honest feedback. Not more corporate spin. Get enough of that from politicians.

Lastly, a number of the "solutions" in this Forum come from AT&T employees and are usually a bit snide. Therefore, I really do doubt that the customer is actually selecting them.

Remember, respect is a two way street. So why the Echo Chamber?

This question, "Echo Chamber," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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