Question: echostar 15


i am trying to connect to the new echostar 15 bird located at 61.5 . with no success ,, i am using a single dish and dual lnbf,, i can't for the life of me find that satellite ,,, i can locate 119 easily , but noluck with the 61.5

please someone tell me why i am not able to find that satellite ,, i need my HD channels with my network and 119m does not give me that
please help


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I am not an expert on the subject here, but I will point you to Satellite Guys Forum for help.


I really should get a Ku dish so I can answer these sort of questions myself.

Christmas is coming, you know, Guys. ;)Hint, Hint.:cool:


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Hi my name is Alicia with DISH Network. I know this was posted awhile ago but I wanted to touch basis with you just in case you still needed help or if anyone else had a similar question. We use different orbit locations for our HD programming. It will depend on the DISH you are using to determine which location you should be pointed at. The main one we use is 129, however we also use 77 or 61.5. Please email me with your account info so we can look up your equipment and what you are set up for.