Economy Spurs Dropping Cable TV

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Cable TV cord cutting cancellations are due to a down economy | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics

From the article:

"Research group In-Stat released a new study indicating pay-TV subscriber households actually dropped for the first time in quite a while. Analysts initially believed the decrease was due to internet TV, but they then found that the sluggish economy and high unemployment were to blame as the primary reason." ...

... "“While growing availability of over-the-top Internet video is spurring talk of mass ‘cord-cutting,’ this decline is not about canceling pay TV in favor of Internet video. The main driver of these subscriber declines is the struggling US economy and high unemployment.” ...
Yesterday, I talked to a friend who 'cut' his cable in favor of OTA reception and he said since he dropped his subscription, he has seen six rooftop antennas appear in his neighborhood, north of Seattle. Imagine that.


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Maybe just because I'm more aware now, but I've seen more antennas these days. Maybe some have been there for years and I never noticed - maybe their owners never got up to the roof to remove them. But some are on brand - new houses, too. And this doesn't take into account that many - my neighbors and myself included - have them in our attics.

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