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This question is about "Effect of Temperatures on SNR and Power Signal levels", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Back in late March 2019 when I looked at my SNR and Power levels my SNR ranged from 39.7 to 40.9 dB.

Today they range from 37.4 to 38.8 dB.

Power levels were 9.1 dBmv to 12.9 dBmv.

Today they are 8.0 to 10.6 dBmv.

Between the NID and the Router coax cable connection is a splitter that is being used as a barrel connector basically.

IT's a 1 to 2 splitter. Should I consider putting a terminator cap on that port 2 of the splitter?

Is that even possible?

My main question though has to do with snr and power levels and the effect of temperature. Lately for the past several weeks aroung here it's been 90+ . The before readings were taken when the temps were at least 20 degrees cooler.

What is your experience ?


Effect of Temperatures on SNR and Power Signal levels?
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