El Rey Network, channel 145 leaving?? - Time Warner TV

This question is about "El Rey Network, channel 145 leaving??", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. For a while (1/2 year) I have been having problems with watching El Rey channel 145. I would be on another channel and press out 145, or gone to the Guide and chosen 145. I press Submit, and there would be a delay. Sometimes I would still see my original channel playing, but see the Guide on the bottom, with 145. It might stay this way. If I use the Up/Down buttons, I can go to the other channels and see a program. I can go back to the original channel.
Sometimes, I get an almost blank screen, with a message coming up that the channel is Not available.
Sometimes, I have pulled the Power and let it restart. I was Then able to get to Channel 145.
Today, I went to 145. Was watching a program, with a rolling text on the bottom about "If you want to keep El Rey, call 866-........."

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